Inspecting Your Beehive

The importance of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Understanding Integrated Pest Management can help you make better beekeeping decisions and help support the health of your colonies.
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Threats to Bees

Understanding the Varroa mite

Most beekeepers are aware of the threat of the varroa mite, but it's so important to understand the ways that they interact with your honeybee colonies and why they are so content to live inside a beehive.
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Threats to Bees

Varroa do more more than weaken honeybees

Varroa mites are the leading cause of honeybee colony collapse in the U.S., primarily because of the viruses they can pass on to healthy bees. Understanding the viruses they can bring into your colony can help you make a plan to fight it.
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Protective Clothing

Stay cool with your bees this summer with our high-quality ventilated bee suits, jackets, gloves, veils and more.


Calm your bees during your inspections with our sturdy and reliable smokers.

Formic Pro

The latest generation of certified organic Varroa mite treatments and the popular alternative to MiteAway QuickStrips.

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Beekeeper with honeycomb in hand

PerfectBee Colony : For Beekeepers, By Beekeepers

PerfectBee Colony is a unique and rich membership for hobbyist beekeepers.

Colony features benefits to help you learn (or learn more!) about your beekeeping, engage with other beekeepers and save money on your beekeeping supplies.

And best of all, Colony is a wonderful and friendly community of beekeepers, all helping each other to enjoy their bee passion!
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Bee Pollenating
Colony Cluster

Let PerfectBee Ambassadors Help!

Colony members enjoy access to our wonderful PerfectBee Ambassadors.

These highly experienced beekeepers, from across the country, participate in the Colony Forum answering questions from Colony members and, in the process, saving bees!

Ambassadors also attend our regular Colony Cluster online meetings, where Colony members can get their beekeeping questions answered in real time.
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